A (Reasonably, Mildly, Somewhat) Big Annoucement

Dada a extensão deste artigo, achei por bem publicar as versões inglesa e portuguesa em separado. Para a versão portuguesa, cliquem aqui.

The most attentive amongst you may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in two whole months. There is good reason for that – actually, a few good ones. Some personal circumstances are partly to blame (looking for a new flat, for example), as is the PhD, which last month led me on a 10-day sojourn into the treasure trove that is the depot of Lisbon’s Military Museum.

But there is a bigger and better reason. I have been reconsidering what to do with the blog, how to revamp it, how to make it more accessible, cohesive, and attractive to all.

A fresco of Saint Michael from the Convent of Saint Francis in my hometown of Leiria, apropos of nothing (taken from the cover of Convento de S. Francisco de Leiria by Luís Urbano Afonso).

The conclusion I’ve reached is: for the blog to succeed, it can no longer be a blog. It must become a proper website. It’s 2021; the Internet today is built on the bones of oh so many hopeful blogs from the Naughties (and pornography, and cat pictures).

That conclusion has led me to reassess the project as a whole. What do I want to do? How do I want to do it? What to improve?

And so, I am now prepared to announce that, during the beginning of next year, I’ll betrying to set up a new website for all my historical projects, including Anno 1471. I don’t yet know what I’ll call it, but there will be a website.

There will also be videos. Maybe. Those might take a while to launch, but they’re definitely something I’d like to try.

And there’ll be a Patreon, too. Rest assured, nothing I publish will ever be locked behind a paywall if I have any say in the matter, so not subscribing to my Patreon won’t mean being locked out of certain articles or features. But subscribing will mean getting some nifty rewards – I have some interesting ideas which I think you’d all appreciate, and hopefully consider a good repayment for your kindness in helping me keeping my research going, and keeping it public and free.

Until then, worry not: there’ll be more posts, in due course. I am currently working on one on javelins, one on liveries, and another one on purses and pouches in Portugal.

Happy reenactment to you all!


One thought on “A (Reasonably, Mildly, Somewhat) Big Annoucement

  1. YES! Lets go!!! Vamos a isto. Malta posso esperar para ver. Admiro o teu trabalho e espero ver mais, é sempre interessante ler e ver mais informação sobre estes assuntos. Muito obrigado.


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